Tohatsu 60HP MFS60AETL Outboard Motor For Sale


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Tohatsu 60HP MFS60AETL Outboard Motor For Sale

The MFS60 offers the industry-leading features you expect from Tohatsu and comes standard with features like variable idle speed, which lets you adjust the idle speed from 650 to 950 rpms, a low gear ratio giving you the increased low-end torque your boat needs, a freshwater flushing system designed to make routine flushing easier, and a high output 21 amp alternator.
Specifications for motors
Tohatsu MFS60AETL four-stroke engine
Power: 60 horsepower
3-cylinder engine
20-inch shaft length, remote or tiller steering Electric engine starter
175 kilograms
Range of Full Throttle: 5000–6000 rpm
Dimensions: 866cc
EFI Induction System
Guarantee: five years


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