Mercury 6MLH FourStroke For Sale


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Mercury 6MLH FourStroke For Sale

Select the Factory Backed Limited Coverage for 5 Years!
Get a total of 5 years of Mercury factory-backed limited coverage when you buy this outboard motor model! You will also get a Mercury Product Protection Gold plan with a 2-year duration in addition to the usual 3-year guarantee!

6 horsepower
Engine: Single-cylinder
CID/CC displacement: 6 / 4.4
2.32 x 1.77′′/59 x 45 mm for the bore and stroke
RPM at full power: 5000–6000
Length of shaft: 20 ”
2.15:1 gearcase ratio
Trim range for shallow water: 16 °
Tank integrated with fuel: 0.3 USG/1.1 L
Fuel tank available: 3.2 USG / 12 L
Dry weight: 56 pounds (the lightest model in its class).
Warning system for engine protection operators: Over-rev, low oil pressure
Beginning: Manual
Direction: Tiller
2-valve pushrod overhead valve fuel induction system
Three stars from CARB
CDI with electronic spark advance for ignition
fueled by a carburetor
Water-cooled system with a thermostat
Changing gears: F-N-R
Standard gearcase
Trimming method: manual
Trim places: 6
System of exhaust: Using a prop
Yes, shallow water driving
87 octane fuel with up to 10% ethanol is advised.
Oil that is advised: Mercury TenW-30 FourStroke Oil
yes propeller
Phantom Black in colour


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