Honda Marine BF4AHLHNC L-Type 20 in. Shaft For Sale


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Honda Marine BF4AHLHNC L-Type 20 in. Shaft For Sale

Internal Fuel Tank (1.5 L), Tiller Handle, Single Cylinder, 20′′ Long Shaft
These new portable engine model’s defining characteristics—portability, performance, dependability, and user-friendliness—are the BF4AHLHNC L-Type four-stroke outboard. With a 20 in. shaft, the new BF4AHLHNC L-Type is convenient for small fishing boats, inflatables, and auxiliary motors since it is simple to start, simple to stop, and simple to carry. The most recent technology, the 1.5 L internal (built-in) fuel tank, and the stylish, streamlined design guarantee the title of best-in-class performer. Customers can select from an additional four propeller styles for the design that best suits their boating needs, with a 20 in. shaft included. The new BF4AHLHNC L-Type has the longest, quietest, and smoothest run of any


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