Honda Marine BF40DK4LHC L-Type 20 in. Shaft For Sale


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Honda Marine BF40DK4LHC L-Type 20 in. Shaft For Sale

Three-cylinder, 20-inch-long shaft, Blast®, NMEA 2000 compliance, electric start, tiller steering, EFI, and gas-assist tilt.
The most lightweight, fuel-efficient, and capable charging engine in its class is the BF40DK4LHC L-Type with a 20 in. Shaft. Thanks to Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST®), Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI®), and High Performance, Heavy-Duty Gear Case, it provides you with great performance and is ideal for aluminum boats, inflatables, skiffs, and flats boats.
Efficiency and effectiveness
Honda’s four-stroke engine design is known for its world-class reliability and lack of oil mixing.
Crankshaft Offset Design: Places the powerhead directly above the pivot point of the transom bracket, resulting in smoother trim and tilt action as well as less strain on the transom and steering effort. Additionally, it lessens vibration and enhances handling and performance.


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