Honda Marine BF250DUCRCBF XX-Type 30 in. Shaft For Sale


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Honda Marine BF250DUCRCBF XX-Type 30 in. Shaft For Sale

Six cylinders, VTEC, BlastTM, Lean Burn Control®, NMEA 2000 compliance, a 30′′ ultra long shaft, an amp, a power tilt and trim, and counterrotating.
Inside and exterior, our famous V6 outboard has undergone a complete overhaul to create the BF250D, which is now better than ever. With a 30 in. shaft and improved corrosion resistance, the new BF250DUCRCBF XX-Type pushes the boundaries of renowned Honda performance. The well-known technological advancements that Honda outboard customers adore, many of which are found in Honda’s legendary automotive engines, have been preserved, of course. The BF250DUCRCBF XX-Type has the following attributes in addition to VTEC® for powerful midrange torque:
• Counterrotation.
• BLASTTM, which provides the best holeshot performance.
• Lean Burn Control for outstanding fuel economy
• A 90 amp best-in-class, automotive-style


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