Honda Marine BF15DK3LHC L-Type 20 in. Shaft For Sale


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Honda Marine BF15DK3LHC L-Type 20 in. Shaft For Sale

Tiller steering, two cylinders, 20′′ long shaft, and manual start.
The BF15DK3LHC L-Type, which has a 20 in. shaft and a compact size slightly larger than the BF9.9 but with more power, is ideal for aluminum fishing boats, inflatables, sailboats, and as a kicker for larger fishing boats. With one of the largest displacements in its class and the additional dependability of 4-Front Corrosion Protection and Engine Alert System, it offers powerful performance.
Efficiency and Performance
Honda Four-Stroke Engine Design: The 350 cc, 2-cylinder, in-line, OHC design powerhead is used in the BF15DK3LHC L-Type. Honda is known for its high quality, which combines dependability, quiet running, and no gas-oil mixing.
Pendulum-motion Vibration Dampening: A unique Honda feature, the powerhead’s pendulum-motion mounting mechanism reduces vibration, particularly longitudinal vibration, which can cause


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