Honda Marine BF115DK1XC X-Type 25 in. Shaft For Sale


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Honda Marine BF115DK1XC X-Type 25 in. Shaft For Sale

Four-cylinder vehicle with a 25′′ extra-long shaft, remote steering, EFI, and power tilt and trim.
With a 25 in. shaft, the BF115DK1XC X-Type is a powerful performer. It performs exceptionally well because to its Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST®), 3-Way Cooling System, and having the largest displacement in its class. Additionally, the high output alternator provides outstanding amps, and the NMEA 2000 interface enables the connection of engine data with onboard systems. The X-Type BF115DK1XC does not include a propeller.
Efficiency and Performance
Based on the Honda Accord, the stroke design: The BF115 benefits from decades of proven Honda engineering and dependability because it is built on the Honda Accord engine platform.
DOHC, or dual overhead cam: An efficient 16-valve DOHC engine produces more valve openings.


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