Honda Marine 9.9DK3LRTC For Sale


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Honda Marine 9.9DK3LRTC For Sale

Electric start, remote steering, two cylinders, 20″ long shaft, motorized tilt.
incredible performance, adaptability, and torque. The BF9.9 gives you a lot of options for your fishing boat, yacht, or as a kicker for larger fishing boats with its short, long, and extra long shaft lengths. Additionally, you get a ton of power and convenience with the optional Power Tilt, Electric Start, Remote steering, and Fold-Down Tiller Handle.
Key Elements
The BF9.9s’ Honda four-stroke engines had an in-line, twin-cylinder OHC powerhead. Honda is known for its high quality, which combines dependability, quiet running, and no gas-oil mixing.
Dampening of Pendulum-Motion Vibration: The powerhead’s pendulum-motion mounting mechanism, a Honda-only technology, absorbs vibration, including longitudinal vibration, which proved challenging to successfully minimize.



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