Honda Marine 25DK3SHGC For Sale


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Honda Marine 25DK3SHGC For Sale

Electric start, tiller steering, three cylinders, 15″ short shaft, and tilt with gas assistance.
The BF25 is ideal for fishing boats between 14 and 16 feet in length, pontoon boats, or small runabouts because of its massive 552 cc displacement, which produces plenty of power and torque. It includes a smooth 3-cylinder construction, front tiller controls for simplicity and accuracy, a fresh water flushport, and gas-assist tilt.
Key Elements
Design of the four-stroke engine: famous Honda quality, dependable performance, and no oil mixing.
Over-Rev Protection: The engine is shielded from serious damage by a standard rev-limiter.
Standard over-rev and over-heat warning systems provide you peace of mind and safeguard your investment.
Fresh Water FlusHPort: Makes it simple to connect to a fresh water source to remove dirt and salt water from the engine.


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