Honda Marine 20DK3SHSC For Sale


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Honda Marine 20DK3SHSC For Sale

Tiller steering, two cylinders, a 15″ short shaft, and electronic starting.
The BF20 engine is a transportable powerhouse and is the lightest in its class. It works well as a kicker for larger fishing boats as well as small fishing boats and yachts. The BF20 offers you strong performance and one of the greatest displacements in its class. Additionally, you have more dependability and simplicity with 4-Front Corrosion Protection and Fresh Water Flushport.
Key Elements
The BF20s’ 350 cc, 2-cylinder, in-line, OHC design powerhead is a Honda four-stroke engine. Honda is known for its high quality, which combines dependability, quiet running, and no gas-oil mixing.
Pendulum-Motion Vibration Dampening: A Honda-only innovation, the powerhead’s pendulum-motion mounting mechanism dampens vibration, particularly longitudinal vibration, which was challenging to decrease.


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