Evinrude C200WXA 200 HP Outboard Motors For Sale


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Evinrude C200WXA 200 HP Outboard Motors For Sale

Features could consist of:

E-TEC G2 Powering Your Boat from 115 H.O. to 300 HP

top-tier fuel efficiency
150 to 300 HP E-TEC Direct Injection Fuel Technology V6
Electric steering
offered in white, grey, and with colour panels
Engine V6 Type 66o the E-TEC G2 D.I.
3.39 in (86 mm) of bore
3.10-inch (78.7-mm) stroke
2.7 cc of displacement, or 167 Cu in
between 5000 and 6000 RPM
(Primary) Gear Ratio 2.17:1 Steering 133 Amps Total, 50 Net Dedicated, and 14 Amps at Idle Electric Alternator for iDOCK
Fuel System Fuel System with stratified low RPM combustion mode and E-TEC Direct Injection
Shaft Length: 25 in (635 mm)
Weight 541 pounds (245 kilograms)
Features Controls Features: Typical White


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