2023 Yamaha 40HP – 20″ 25″ Shaft Outboard Motor For Sale


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2023 Yamaha 40HP – 20″ 25″ Shaft Outboard Motor For Sale

Our intermediate 747-cc 40-hp engine offers strong performance in a small package and is offered in both propeller-driven and jet pump-driven configurations. It provides simple starts, quick acceleration, and outstanding top-end speed thanks to its single throttle valve, long-track intake manifold, and electronic control module.

gasoline Economy: Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection precisely doses the gasoline required for maximum effectiveness and economy. With Yamaha’s EFI, fuel atomization is optimized, further improving fuel efficiency.
Single Overhead Camshaft: The F40 and F30’s three-cylinder Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) engines offer a small, light, and space-saving design.
To ensure the precise amount of air required for maximum power and fuel economy, all air entering the engine block is directed through a single throttle valve. The air is then ‘pulse tuned’ to provide the exact amount and timing of air at the right time for optimal density and power, entering each cylinder through a separate lengthy intake track.
Reliable Starting: The F40 and F30 have a fuel return mechanism that reduces fuel vapour. They provide dependable turn-key starting in hot or cold circumstances when used in conjunction with multi-point electronic fuel injection.
Durability and dependability
Corrosion Protection: When combined with our unique Phaze FiveTM anti-corrosive paint method and our patented alloy (YDC-30), a strong, five-layer barrier against corrosion is created. All Yamaha Midrange four-stroke engines come with this protection as standard.
Modern technology: The Yamaha Diagnostic System software can be accessed by the F40 and F30’s Engine Control Module. This gives specialists a look at a few historical and present running circumstances to aid in making a thorough and precise diagnosis of your engine.
Defending against the elements: Water that enters the cowling is quickly and effectively drained away by a tried-and-true one-piece cowling with an intake air drain system. For optimum dependability, incoming air is sent through a maze of tunnels that collect water before it hits the engine’s intake.
Improved Fuel: The Yamaha optional boat-mounted 10-Micron Water Separating Fuel Filter is used in conjunction with a sizable, on-engine water separating fuel filter with a water sensor. This aids in separating water and other contaminants from the fuel before they may clog the fuel injectors and other filters on the outboard.
Comfort and Authority: Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®) is a feature of our Multi-Function Tiller handle, which is an optional accessory. It enables precise trolling speed adjustments in steps of 50 RPM. All Midrange models are compatible.
Simple Engine Flushing: For enhanced convenience and longer engine life, a freshwater flushing device enables you to flush the engine without running it.
A trim range of -3 to +20 degrees is offered by power tilt and trim versions. This raises the boat’s bow for a smoother ride, a better hole shot, and top speed.
available for tiller-handle control or mechanical
214 pounds is all.
offered in a 20″ shaft
efficient 17-amp alternator
a new helm-mounted remote VTS switch, our Multi-Function Tiller Handle, a Command Link® tachometer, or an optional variable trolling RPM switch (VTS®).
Engine: 3-cylinder
747 cc displacement
65 × 75 mm (2.56 x 2.95 in.) is the bore x stroke.
Pitch Shaft 40 horsepower at 5500 rpm
Range of Full Throttle RPM: 5000–6000 rpm
17 Amps, Alternator Output at WOT
9.4:1 compression ratio
EFI Fuel Injection System
Weight*: 97 to 101 kilograms (214 to 223 pounds)
Octane 87 fuel is advised.
Yamalube® 4M is the suggested engine oil (see the owner’s handbook)
Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external) is the recommended fuel filter.
2-Star C.A.R.B. rating
Through Propeller Exhaust
6 intake CDI ignition Microcomputer
ignitor: DPR6EB-9
17 Amp Alternator Output
Electric starting mechanism
Leasing: Wet Sump
Engine Recommended Cooling: Thermostatic Control Oil Capacity: 1.7L/1.5L
Ethanol Blend Maximum: 10%
2.00:1 gear ratio, forward, neutral, and reverse gear shifts
Shaft Size: 20″
20° of tilt is present.
Trimming range: -3° to +20° Dry Weight: 97 to 101 kilograms (214 to 223 pounds)
Maximum Steering Angle: 40° in either direction from Centre
Guarantee: Strict 3-years for pleasure, 3-years for government, and 1-year for business


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