2022 Yamaha 15 Hp Outboards F15 Motor For Sale


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2022 Yamaha 15 Hp Outboards F15 Motor For Sale

Description for 2022 Yamaha 15 HP Outboard F15 Motor
Outboard motors made by Yamaha are renowned for their excellence, strength, and dependability. The newest in Yamaha’s 15 horsepower outboard engine lineup, the Yamaha F15 motor is sure to please. You may be confident that your boat will be able to resist harsh conditions thanks to Yamaha’s legendary dependability. With a maximum power of 18.6 kW at 5000 rpm, the 2022 Yamaha F15 offers a smooth performance that makes it ideal for fishing, boating, and other uses that call for a dependable Yamaha Outboard Motor. This Yamaha 15 hp outboard can operate in shallow water settings with ease and accuracy because of its durable and lightweight design. Need something you can depend on to help you through the most trying circumstances?

The benefits of using YAMAHA 15 HP OUTBOARD Motors
The 2022 Yamaha 15 hp outboards F15 motor from Yamaha Outboard Motors, a longtime innovator in the boating sector, is no different. This motor was designed by Yamaha engineers to have strong durability and improved safety features as standard features, making it the perfect option for any serious mariner who desires fine craftsmanship combined with exceptional performance. The Yamaha F15 is built to provide dependable, strong performance while consuming little gasoline, enabling you to travel farther on open water. This motor is supported by an industry-leading 5 year warranty for added peace of mind and is powered by the most recent 4-stroke engine technology from Yamaha.

Yamaha Outboard Motors are renowned for their quality and dependability all around the world. The Yamaha F15, the brand’s most recent 15 HP outboard motor, is no exception. The design of this 2022 Yamaha Outboard has been focused on maximizing performance and power while still offering the highest level of fuel efficiency. Users may easily manoeuvre in confined locations without sacrificing power because to its lightweight design, which delivers a lot of punch in a small container. The Yamaha F15 also makes use of Yamaha’s cutting-edge technology to lower engine noise and vibration for a smoother ride. The Yamaha F15 will enable you to manoeuvre with confidence whether you’re sailing on small lakes or heading out onto larger areas of water.

Additional details on the YAMAHA 15 HP OUTBOARD
This engine is a great option for both experienced boaters and those who are just getting started in water sports because of its lightweight design and strong performance. Purchasing the Yamaha F15 is a wise investment because it ensures years of dependable performance and remarkable levels of fuel efficiency. Thanks to its effective power output, high levels of safety, and impressive warranty coverage, Yamaha’s F15 motor is a top contender for all types of maritime applications and is the ideal option for boaters of all types. With Yamaha dependability driving you forward, you can confidently launch your vessels into the deep blue! Look no farther than the brand-new 2022 Yamaha F15, which is built to give the cutting-edge performance and dependability for which Yamaha is renowned. It is therefore the ideal ally for every boat enthusiast! If you think it’s time for an improvement, think about buying the 2022 Yamaha 15 HP Outboards F15 Motor right away. For all of your upcoming boating excursions, it will undoubtedly offer unrivalled power and great dependability.

Our portable 362-cc 15-hp engine is a SOHC in-line two-cylinder layout. It is among the most fuel-efficient in its class because to its single carburetor and CDI Microcomputer Ignition System. It is excellent for lightweight craft like aluminium fishing boats, tenders, and inflatables because it weighs only 111 pounds.

For tiller-handle control, available
111 pounds maximum (15″ shaft model)
15″ and 20″ shaft lengths are available.
10-amp powerful alternator
Basic Data
Yamaha Outboard Motors
Technical Information
Energy: 15 HP
Descriptions: 2 Cylinders
Measurements for the Fuel Induction System, Carb Ignition System, CDI Lubrication System, and Wet Sump
2.48 in. of bore
111 pounds
Dry Weight Type
2.29 in. stroke
10 Volts from the alternator
2.08:1 gear ratio
Policy for shipping and warranties
The motor has been examined and is ready to be mounted and used. Freight shipping is offered from Waynesville, North Carolina.
For a quote, please message us. Please email info@wncmarinesalesinc.com for a freight price and include the following details:
State Zip code
delivery to a commercial location with a loading dock or a residence
Is a liftgate service on a truck necessary?
Please inspect all shipments for possible transit-related damage.
The product must be thoroughly inspected for any potential damage by the receiving party at the time of delivery.
Before the driver departs, we advise taking off any protective packaging to thoroughly inspect the items.
If there was transit-related damage, it must be carefully detailed on the Bill of Lading and SIGNATURED BY THE DRIVER.
In order for us to file a damage claim with the shipping firm on behalf of our customer, a copy of the Bill of Lading must be mailed or sent to us through email. If at all feasible, take pictures of the damaged goods while they are being loaded and unloaded from the truck to provide documentation for a product damage claim.
The consumer must keep the damaged item in their possession for up to two months.
If a claim for damage is made and/or paid for by the shipping company, they have the right to inspect the product and/or claim it.


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