2022 Suzuki DF9.9BT EFI L Outboard Motor For Sale


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2022 Suzuki DF9.9BT EFI L Outboard Motor For Sale

Features could consist of:
Warning: Over-Rev. Limiter and Low Oil Pressure
Power Tilt Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System Digital CDI Fresh Water Flushing System
Maximum Engine Power: 9.9 HP Engine Type: SOHC 4-Valve
Piston for displacement: 20′′ (327 cc)
Operating Speed Range for Rated Engine: 4700 to 5700 RPM
2.38′′ (60 mm) of bore
2.24′′ (57 mm) in length
2.08:1 primary gear ratio, 2 cylinder liners, and ignition Batteryless Electronic Fuel Injection System: Digital CDI Steering Tiller Starter System: Electric Electric Alternator 12V 12A Fuel System
Recommended Transom Height: 20′′ Capabilities
Pan with 1.1 qts (1.0 lts) of oil capacity
Weights Electric weight: 120 lbs.
Features Features Electric Choke | Power Tilt Trim Position | Propeller Size: 4 x 10 x 5


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