2022 Suzuki DF300AP XX 300 HP Outboard Motor For Sale


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2022 Suzuki DF300AP XX 300 HP Outboard Motor For Sale

Feature examples include:
Electronic Multi-Point Sequential Fuel Injection
System for Suzuki Selective Rotation O2 Sensor Feedback Control
Precision Control System by Suzuki
System to Control Lean Burn in Suzuki
Offset Driveshaft Variable Valve Timing System Two-Stage Gear Reduction System
Activation Direct
Suzuki Easy Start System Over-Rev. Limiter Spherical Bore Throttle Body Water in Fuel Warning System
Caution for Low Oil Pressure
Ignition timing chain troll mode with fully transistorized ignition
Power Trim and Tilt Tilt Limit Fresh Water Flushing System
Streamlined Equipment Case
Speedometer pickup of the gear case in a two-way low water inflow
Standard Color is Shadow Black Metalic – Cool White Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System Now Available
Maximum power of the engine’s DOHC 24-valve is 300 horsepower.
245.6′′ (4028 cc) displacement piston
Operating between 5700 and 6300 RPM, the Rated Engine Speed


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