2022 Suzuki DF200A L 200 HP Outboard Motor For Sale


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2022 Suzuki DF200A L 200 HP Outboard Motor For Sale

Features could consist of:
Two-Stage Electronic Fuel Injection Multi Point Sequential Gear Reduction System
Adjustable Driveshaft
Limiter for Direct Ignition Over-Rev.
Warning: Low Oil Pressure
Fresh Water Flushing System Power Trim and Tilt Tilt Limit Speedometer Pickup on Gear Case Fully Transistorized Ignition Timing Chain
Shadow Black Metalic is the default color; Cool White is now an option.
Anti-Corrosion System by Suzuki
Engine DOHC 16-Valve Engine Maximum Output: 200 HP Engine Type
Piston for displacement: 175.9′′ (2,867 cc)
Operating Speed Range for Rated Engine: 5500-6100 RPM
3.81′′ (97 mm) of bore
Stroke size 3.81″ (97 mm)
2.50:1 is the primary gear ratio.
Solid state direct ignition, steering-remote cylinder liners in line 4, and an electric alternator 12 volts and 44 amps serve as the starting systems.
Multipoint Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection: Dimensions of the Fuel System


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