2022 Suzuki DF175A X 175 HP Outboard Motor For Sale


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2022 Suzuki DF175A X 175 HP Outboard Motor For Sale

A 2,867cm3 (174.9 cu.in.) inline four cylinder DOHC powerhead serves as the foundation for the Suzuki DF175A X. Although the large displacement plays a significant role in providing excellent acceleration and torque, this does not imply that they are physically bigger and heavier. The engineers at Suzuki, however, intended for this huge block motor to be among the lightest four-strokes in the 175 HP class.
Features of the 2022 Suzuki Marine DF175A X include:
Variable Valve Timing Multi Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection System
Offset Driveshaft, Two-Stage Gear Reduction System, and Multi-Stage Induction System
Over-Rev. Limiter for Direct Ignition Thrust Mount Systems
Warning: Low Oil Pressure
Power Trim and Tilt Tilt Limit Speedometer Fully Transistorized Ignition Timing Chain Fresh Water Flushing System Standard Pickup of Gear Case


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