2022 Mercury Verado 350 HP 2.6L Supercharged L6 25″ Shaft For Sale


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2022 Mercury Verado 350 HP 2.6L Supercharged L6 25″ Shaft For Sale

Key Elements
Extremely Smooth & Quiet: To almost completely remove vibration, the Advanced MidSection (AMS) shifts engine mounts aft and outward. A finely developed cowl sealing system, fuel injector covers that reduce high-frequency noise, and a calibrated multi-chamber air intake all help to reduce engine noise. The L6 Verado outboards set a standard for slick, silent operating in the industry. The engines cruise with substantially less vibration and are quieter at idling.
Easy Operation: SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) for ultra-smooth shifting and fast throttle response, as well as electro-hydraulic, automotive-style power steering that offers precise handling, are included as standard equipment on Verado outboards.
Joystick Piloting: Joystick Piloting for Outboards gives you accurate, safe, and confident control over the throttle, shift, and steering so you can dock and manoeuvre. With complete control in wind or current, move the boat in any direction—sideways, diagonally, or around its own axis.
Refined engine: The 350HP L6 Verado outboards’ supercharged engine provides immediate throttle response.
Verado Benefits
Legendary Power: As soon as you depress the digital throttle, the 2.6L Supercharged L6 torque kicks in. These engines have the legs to fly since they are tuned to lift large offshore boats out of the hole and over the swell.
Smoother and Quieter: Verado engine designs almost eliminate vibration transmission to the boat, and acoustic engineering ensures that neither the neighbours nor the fish will be disturbed by your departure.
Reduced Fuel Cost: At cruising speed and wide-open throttle, Verado outboards have improved fuel efficiency. At whatever speed, the engine accurately modifies the fuel mixture to operate at peak efficiency.
Verado outboards are not only engineered and constructed to survive the rigours of saltwater operation, but they also come with a three-year corrosion warranty.
Inline 6-cylinder engine
Displacement: 2.6 L or 158.5 CID
Cylinder 24-valves with Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) in an Inline 6 configuration
RPM at full throttle: 5800-6400
Belt-Driven 70 amp (882 W) alternator
Smart Start, please. Electric
Power steering using electrohydraulics
Shaft length: 635 mm (25 inches).
1.75:1 gearcase ratio
The lightest model is 668 pounds (303 kg) when dry.
Trim system: Power trim and tilt with programmable tilt from SmartCraft
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