2022 Mercury Four Stroke 25hp ProKicker Base For Sale


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2022 Mercury Four Stroke 25hp ProKicker Base For Sale

Year 2022
The Mercury
Model: Mercury Marine FourStroke 25hp ProKicker 2022 FourStroke 25hp ProKicker
Perform in silence. Accurate Speeds. Complete Control with a 5-year guarantee, ready to mount and operate

Even in the most challenging fishing conditions, Mercury ProKickerTM outboards allow precise boat control. They increase the effectiveness and fun of long periods of trolling since they are quiet, seamless, and effective.

Features comprise:

Extremely Quiet and Smooth

We created soft-rubber mounts that isolate vibration and direct it away, and we adjusted the powerhead to help it run better. You will relish every moment spent on the water, whether you are conversing with someone or fishing in a peaceful cove.

Easily Maintained

With our no-spill oil change system, easy-change gear lube, and lifetime maintenance-free valve train, you can spend more time on the water and less time performing maintenance.

Individualized Prop

vast boats. choppy waters. No issue. A four-bladed propeller with strong power increases trolling speed and authority, enabling you to dial in perfect presentations each and every time.

sophisticated mercury tiller

The tiller adapts to you whether you place it on the port or starboard side. With its reversible throttle grip, it can be operated with either hand, and lateral adjustments guarantee a comfortable steering angle.

Energy Tilt

To stow or deploy the engine, there is no need to lean or strain. Power tilt is a standard feature on ProKicker outboards with Mercury EFI.

25 HP Engine Engine Power
Inline 3-cylinder engine displacement 500 cc or 30.5 cu in
Gear Ratio (Primary): 5400–5800 Throttle RPM Electric Steering with a 2.17:1 Remote
Electric Starter
Shaft Length: 15″” This motor is also offered with 20″” and 25″” shafts.
Wet Weight The lightest model is 146 pounds (66.3 kg).
Features Features Trimming system 2022 Mercury Marine FourStroke 25hp ProKicker Base with power trim and tilt
Year: 2022
FourStroke 25hp ProKicker manufacturer Mercury Marine trim name base
Type (Primary) generic 4 strokes
25 HP of engine power
Inline Engine Type 3 Displacement 500 cc or 30.5 cu in
Gear Ratio (Primary): 5400–5800 Throttle RPM Steering Remote 2.17:1


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