2022 F5smha Yamaha 4 Stroke 5hp Short Shaft Portable Outboard For Sale


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2022 F5smha Yamaha 4 Stroke 5hp Short Shaft Portable Outboard For Sale

The brand-new F5A, which fills a crucial horsepower gap on the Australian market, was created to be simple to operate and to function remarkably smoothly. The F5A is expected to be a popular addition to Yamaha’s current engine lineup thanks to a number of distinctive features, expanded capacity for more performance, and the most up-to-date cowl design and graphics.

The F5A is equipped with a big carry handle on the back and an ergonomically designed grab on the front of the motor for simple mounting and transportation. Additionally, the engine has Yamaha’s special mechanism for preventing oil leaks, which enables the owner to store or travel the engine on either its side or its front without worrying about engine oil escaping. This entails hassle-free storage and worry-free transportation in the trunk of a car.

accessible in:

F5SMHA – Manual Start, Tiller Handle, and Standard Transom Height
Long general features: F5LMHA – Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height:

8P Alloy prop with built-in 1.1L fuel tank
3 position shallow water drive in 5 position tilt
shaft with a spline
Connection of two gasoline lines for an optional remote tank
Engine type: one-cylinder, OHV
Dimensions 139.0 cc
62×46 mm for the bore and stroke
Recommended RPM maximum 4500-5500
Fuel Control Lubrication System Wet SumpCarb Ignition Starter System for CDI12V-6Amp manual choke alternator with optional rectifier regulator
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 L Gear Ratio: 2.08:1 Operation Method: Tiller Handle Trim & Tilt Method: Manual Tilt Previous Model Code(s)F5AMHS DIMENSIONS
F5SMHA Transom Length: 440 mm (17.3 in)
568 mm (22.4 in): F5LMHA
Weight: 27 kg for F5SMHA and 28 kg for F5LMHA
Electronic Automatic CDI-E
Microcomputer CDI-M:
Transistor-controlled ignition, or TCI.

Policy for shipping and warranties
The motor has been examined and is ready to be mounted and used. Freight shipping is offered from Waynesville, North Carolina.
For a quote, please message us. Please email info@wncmarinesalesinc.com for a freight price and include the following details:
State Zip code
delivery to a commercial location with a loading dock or a residence
Is a liftgate service on a truck necessary?
Please inspect all shipments for possible transit-related damage.
The product must be thoroughly inspected for any potential damage by the receiving party at the time of delivery.
Before the driver departs, we advise taking off any protective packaging to thoroughly inspect the items.
If there was transit-related damage, it must be carefully detailed on the Bill of Lading and SIGNATURED BY THE DRIVER.
In order for us to file a damage claim with the shipping firm on behalf of our customer, a copy of the Bill of Lading must be mailed or sent to us through email. If at all feasible, take pictures of the damaged goods while they are being loaded and unloaded from the truck to provide documentation for a product damage claim.
The consumer must keep the damaged item in their possession for up to two months.
If a claim for damage is made and/or paid for by the shipping company, they have the right to inspect the product and/or claim it.


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