2020 Yamaha 2.5 HP F2.5LMHB Outboard Motor For Sale


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2020 Yamaha 2.5 HP F2.5LMHB Outboard Motor For Sale

Engine Type One, 4.4 ci (72 cc) of displacement
54 x 31.5 mm (2.13 x 1.24 in) are the bore and stroke.
2.5 horsepower at 5500 rpm for the prop shaft
8.8:1 compression ratio
Starting System Manual Fuel Induction Overhead Valve Exhaust Above Propeller Intake Carburetor Ignition TCI Spark Plug CR6HSB-000-000 Alternator Output
Engine Oil Volume 0.35L (0.37 qt)
5250 to 5750 rpm with full throttle
Water Cooling/Thermostatic Control
Yamalube® 4M is the recommended engine oil (see the owner’s manual)
Regular Unleaded (87 minimum pump octane) is the recommended fuel.
Optimum Fuel Filtration Fuel/Water Separating Filter for Yamaha Mini 10-Micron (External)
Shaft Length S=15′′, L=20′′, Forward Gear Shift, 2.01:1 Gear Ratio
Degree of Tilt 79° Positions for Trim
3-Star Dry Weight C.A.R.B. 17 kilograms (37 lbs) for F2.5SMHB and 18 kg (40 lbs) for F2.5LMHB.
Maximum Steering Angle: 360 degrees in either direction from Centre
Warranty Pleasure Boat, 3 Year Limited, 1 Year Limited Industrial Spec Weight 7

This engine comes with batteries, gauges, controls, fuel tanks, and propellers that are all ready to mount and use. It also has a three-year warranty. The engine has undergone testing and is prepared for mounting and use. From Waynesville, North Carolina, you can ship freight. Shipping to residential, commercial, and home addresses is possible (residence shipping with lift gate).

Please inspect all shipments for possible transit-related damage.

The product must be thoroughly inspected for any potential damage by the receiving party at the time of delivery.

Before the driver departs, we advise taking off any protective packaging to thoroughly inspect the items.

If there was transit-related damage, it must be carefully detailed on the Bill of Lading and SIGNATURED BY THE DRIVER.

For a damage claim to be processed, a copy of the Bill of Lading must be mailed or sent via email to us.

be submitted to the trucking business on behalf of our client. If at all feasible, take pictures of the damaged goods while they are being loaded and unloaded from the truck to provide documentation for a product damage claim.

The company will look into the damage and replace the damaged motor with the same motor when the damaged product is kept in the customer’s possession for up to seven days.

We also provide

The client must sign and acknowledge that their motor has been received without any damages if it is properly delivered and undamaged. To place your order, simply go to the checkout.


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