2020 Evinrude 15 HP E15TEG4 Outboard Motor For Sale


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2020 Evinrude 15 HP E15TEG4 Outboard Motor For Sale

This engine comes with batteries, gauges, controls, fuel tanks, and propellers that are all ready to mount and use. It also has a three-year warranty. The 15 horsepower Evinrude outboard is the ideal size for your boat. The 2020 Evinrude outboard motor is the ideal option for boaters who want a trustworthy and economical outboard motor since it has a powerful engine and a design that is built to last. Your investment will pay off in the long term thanks to Evinrude’s reputation for quality. Therefore, place your purchase for a 15 horsepower Evinrude outboard motor right away.

Some of the most dependable and potent outboard motors on the market are 15 horsepower Evinrude models. Evinrude has also achieved some amazing advancements for 2022. The new versions offer higher power and torque and are more fuel-efficient. Additionally, they have a brand-new, revolutionary propeller that offers better thrust and manoeuvrability. The Evinrude 15 hp is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for a new outboard motor. It is a flexible motor that can be used in a wide range of boating applications. Furthermore, it is supported by Evinrude’s track record for dependability and quality. Therefore, place your purchase for a 2020 Evinrude 15 horsepower outboard right away.


Details for an Evinrude!5 horsepower outboard
Type of Engine: 2-cylinder
2.4 × 2.36 (61 x 60) Bore x Stroke – in (mm)
Weight in cubic inches (cc): 21.4 (351).
Range of Full Throttle RPM: 5000–6000 RPM Gear Ratio: 2.15:1
Mechanical controls
Carbureted fuel induction
Steering: Manual or power tilt tiller trim
Capacity of Oil Tank in Fl Oz (Ml): 32 (950)
Evinrude/Johnson 5W40 Ultra 4-Stroke recommended oil Oil
fuel that is advised is 87 octane
3-Year, Non-Declining 100% Warranty European Union, CARB 3 STAR, EPA 2013, and Global Emissions Compliant

Evinrude 15 hp outboard motor shipping and warranty information
The engine has undergone testing and is prepared for mounting and use. From Waynesville, North Carolina, you can ship freight.
For a quote, send us a note. Please email info@wncmarinesalesinc.com for a freight price and include the following details:
State Zip code
delivery to a commercial location with a loading dock or a residence
Is a liftgate service on a truck necessary?
Please inspect all shipments for possible transit-related damage.
The product must be thoroughly inspected for any potential damage by the receiving party at the time of delivery.
Before the driver departs, we advise taking off any protective packaging to thoroughly inspect the items.
If there was transit-related damage, it must be carefully detailed on the Bill of Lading and SIGNATURED BY THE DRIVER.
In order for us to file a damage claim with the shipping firm on behalf of our customer, a copy of the Bill of Lading must be mailed or sent to us through email. If at all feasible, take pictures of the damaged goods as they are loaded and unloaded from the truck to serve as documentation for a product damage claim.
The consumer must keep the harmed item in their possession for up to two months.
If a damage claim is submitted and/or paid for by the shipping company, they have the right to inspect and/or claim the product.


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