2019 Yamaha 90 HP F90LB Outboard Motor For Sale


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2019 Yamaha 90 HP F90LB Outboard Motor For Sale

Corrosion Protection: Our well regarded anti-corrosive paint method creates a robust, five-layer barrier against corrosion when combined with our unique alloy (YDC-30). Drive, prop, and shift shafts made of stainless steel offer an additional layer of vital corrosion protection. And the motor is shielded from the elements by numerous sacrificial anodes.
Wet Sump: To keep all of the moving parts of their DOHC and SOHC systems lubricated and operating smoothly for maximum reliability, the F115, F90, and F75 utilise a pressured oil supply system and contain a small, robust oil pump.
Engine Warning System: This system safeguards the outboard by performing a variety of tasks, such as overheat protection, low oil pressure warning (automatically reducing maximum RPM to 2000), over-rev protection, water in fuel detection, start-in-gear protection, and shift-in prevention at open throttle.
Keep the Water Out: The newest water-draining intake duct is incorporated into the updated cowling design. This outboard is even more prepared to handle the sea environment thanks to side intakes and greater water separation functionality.
Measurably Quieter than Predecessor: At low to medium speeds, Yamaha’s well-proven labyrinth exhaust technology, which progressively expands exhaust gases through a labyrinth, significantly reduces engine noise. Noise at speeds higher than midrange has been significantly decreased by modifications to the muffler.
Comfort & Control

The F115, as well as the brand-new F90 and F75, are all compatible with Yamaha’s multifunctional tiller handle, which has won numerous awards. It includes an integrated variable trolling switch, engine start/stop, emergency stop, gear shift, power trim and tilt operation, warning, and controls.
electricity for Charging: The three-phase alternators in the F115, F90, and F75 can generate up to 35 amps of electricity. This is a 40% increase in output over the previous designs for the 90 and 75 horsepower, and a more than 45% increase in charging power for the 115 horsepower. There is more than enough electrical power left over to use for additional accessories and battery charging.
Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®) is available on the F115, F90, and F75. As a result, trolling speeds may be precisely adjusted in 50-RPM increments, ranging from 650 to 900 RPM for 115 hp engines and 550 to 1000 RPM for 90 and 75 hp engines. Even sub-idle trolling is permitted. This is definitely a benefit for fishers.
Extended Engine Life: For maximum convenience, durability, and engine life, a freshwater flush device enables you to flush the engine without starting it.
Model-specific characteristics

Available for tiller control or motorized remote Only 353 pounds
offered with 20″ or 25″ shafts
powerful alternator of 35 amps
Specifications for optional variable trolling RPM using the Command Link® tachometer

Type of Engine: Inline 4
the 1.8L displacement
81 x 88.9mm (3.19 x 3.5 in): Bore x Stroke
Pitch Shaft 90 horsepower at 5500 rpm
RPM at Full Throttle Range: 5000 ~ 6000
35 Amp Alternator Output at WOT
10.0:1 compression ratio
EFI Fuel Injection System
Weight*: 353 lbs (160 kg)
Octane 87 fuel is advised.
Yamalube® 4M is the suggested engine oil (see the owner’s handbook)
Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external) is the recommended fuel filter.
3-Star C.A.R.B. rating
Through Propeller Exhaust
Entry: 16
Launch: TCI Microcomputer
ignitor: LFR6A-11
35 Amp Alternator Output
Electric starting mechanism
Leasing: Wet Sump
Thermostatic control is the recommended cooling method. Engine Oil Capacity: 3.2/3.0L
Limit on Ethanol Blend: 10% Maximum
Ratio of gears: 2.15:1
Forward, Neutral, and Reverse Gear Shift
20-inch shaft length
Dry Weight: 160 kg (353 lbs) Degree of Tilt: 70 Degree of Trim: -4° through +66°
26″ mounting centres
Maximum Steering Angle: 35° in either direction from Centre
Guarantee: Strict 3-years for pleasure, 3-years for government, and 1-year for business


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